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I am a light board programmer and operator in the New York City area.  I began my career at the age of 22. I started off working in the NYC theaters and clubs. Realizing this was what I was going to do for a career, I earned a degree in film production technology at 28. At 29, I began working in the film world as an electrician and lamp operator. Shortly after that, I began running the light board on film sets. I have mainly specialized in DMX512, control, dimmer racks, remote triggering, and moving lights, throughout my career.

I am a firm believer in learning new things and keeping up with technology. In addition to teaching myself new skills, I often attend classes. In the past couple of years, I have taken classes on CAD, media servers, various lighting consoles, projection, and lighting design.

I am available as a consultant or programmer and operator.


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