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Ziggy the Interactive Cat

Place pointer over picture.
Click and drag all around.


Everybody always wants to know how I made this so here is how I answered a recent e-mail....

Q: How did you make the adorable interactive cat?

I set up a video camera on a tripod aimed it at the cat and hit the record button. Then I used a little cat toy with a bell on it to get the cat to look where I wanted him to. I imported the entire video into the computer and searched through it looking for the best angles for each frame and exported those frames. I aranged the frames QuickTime Authoring Studio and expoted a QTVR object. You could accomplish the same thing in a program called VR Worx or if you know how to do a little programing you could use flash.
Pretty simple really but people seem to really enjoy Ziggy.
Thanks for asking

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